Thank you for visiting and/or shopping with us at Southern-Charmz Interiors. Consumer happiness is the cornerstone to the success of our business. Therefore, Southern-Charmz continually strives to provide our customers with the utmost in quality, design, ease of shopping and customer service. As an online customer, you will be delighted to find how easy it is to select a gift for all you’re decorating needs with our commitment to excellence in service and attention to detail. We take great pride in our designs and continually strive to keep our ‘finger’ on the pulse of the interior design trends. If you have any need to contact us, please do so by visiting our contact page by using the website navigation icons or email us at or

1. What is the Southern-Charmz Purchase/Sales Policy?

Southern-Charmz Interiors strives to provide our customers with the utmost quality when it comes to our one of a kind, designer gift selections. We take immense measures to properly and sufficiently pack our designs for shipping to you, our valued customer. Due to the fragile nature of our floral designs, we do not offer any exchanges or refunds. In the unfortunate event that one of our gifts are received damaged during the shipping process, please email us at: with the invoice/order number and we will replace your damaged design with an exact replacement. You must contact us via email to receive authorization before you return any item to Southern-Charmz Interiors. All claims must be made within (5) five days of receiving your order and accompanied with the Southern-Charmz Interiors invoice/packing slip. Please use original shipping materials to pack the floral design(s) when returning an item damaged during shipment. Once Southern-Charmz Interiors receives the damaged design; we will process our replacement design order. It will take between (3-4) three to four weeks to receive your replacement design. Southern-Charmz Interiors will not refund any shipping and/or handling charges.

2. What methods of payment does Southern-Charmz Interiors accept?

PayPal is the secure payment processor of Southern-Charmz Interiors. We accept the following forms of payment: VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DISCOVER CARD and/or personal checks through the PayPal credit system. Southern-Charmz Interiors retains the right to charge penalties for returned personal checks. Said service charge minimum is a fee of ($25) twenty-five dollars or the maximum amount allowed by state law.

3. Does Southern-Charmz Interiors accept custom orders?

Southern-Charmz Interiors prides itself on being able make custom designs for our customers. Our designers can work with you to customize all designs to match any décor or event requirements. We will provide you with estimates prior to having you completing our custom order page. Once the design has been approved, we will require payment in full. To place a custom order, please fill out our online custom order form found at:

4. How do I order my custom-designed Southern Charmz Interior gift?

All Southern-Charmz Interiors customers can shop our custom designs by selecting one of our product categories on the Southern-Charmz website navigation bar and scrolling through our design inventory. Once you have found the perfect gift, you can click on the ‘add to cart’ icon to add your selected items to your shopping cart. You will see your shopping cart and it will list the cost of each design and also show the quantity of items selected. You have the ability to easily add or subtract designs from your shopping cart throughout your shopping experience. Feel free to continue your shopping at Southern-Charmz Interiors until you are ready to finalize your custom designed purchase(s). Once your order is complete, you will see your order confirmed through PayPal and in addition, receive a follow-up confirmation from Southern-Charmz Interiors. Please be advised that by clicking on the checkout button, you are agreeing to the terms of our pricing, shipping and damage return policies.

5. What does it cost to ship my selected Southern-Charmz Interiors design?

All shipping information can be obtained during the purchase process through PayPal. Once you click on the ‘view cart’ icon for pricing information you will then proceed to ‘secure checkout’. In secured checkout, the appropriate shipping and handling fees will be added to your purchase to ensure the prompt delivery of your selection(s) with Southern-Charmz Interiors.

6. How do I get confirmation that my order has been shipped?

Southern-Charmz Interiors customers will receive two order confirmation emails: one that your order had been received from PayPal and a second one that your order has been received from Southern-Charmz Interiors. You will receive a third confirmation indicating that your order had been shipped with your order number, date your design was shipped, design purchase price and total shipping cost. Please allow (5-12) five to twelve business days for your hand-made original design to be completed, packaged and readied for shipment. The average shipping order usually takes (3-9) three to nine business days to arrive.

7. How do I know if my credit card information is secure?

PayPal is the secure payment processor of Southern-Charmz Interiors. Utilization of Paypal transaction services is secure and private. Paypal is a member of the Better Business Online Privacy program and carries the BBB privacy seal. PayPal's approval to carry the BBB Privacy seal meets the standards of the Better Business Bureau’s privacy program. In addition, PayPal protects your financial information with industry-leading security and fraud protection systems. When using PayPal, no financial information is shared with Southern-Charmz Interiors. Once your payment is complete through PayPal, Southern-Charmz Interiors is notified and emailed a receipt for your purchase transaction.

8. How do I know when my credit card will be charged?

Your order and payment information provided to PayPal will be sent electronically and processed for payment through their transactions division, immediately. Shipping/handling charges will be included and charged at the same time.

9. Why is my shipped Southern-Charmz Interiors design slightly different from the picture on the Southern-Charmz website?

Southern-Charmz Interiors strives very hard to maintain an open inventory of supplies to create all our custom designs. In the event when we experience increased consumer demand above our open inventory, we reserve the right to supplement design florals or bases to any Southern-Charmz Interiors design. All design supplements will be of equal or higher product quality and be extremely similar in style and design.

10. Will you share my email address with other businesses?

Your shopping privacy of personal information is paramount at Southern-Charmz Interiors. Our customers can shop at Southern-Charmz Interiors confidently and secure in the knowledge that we will absolutely and under no circumstances share or sell any customer email addresses or information. Southern-Charmz Interiors does retain the right to add your email address to our company promotional database so we may notify our customers of any upcoming sales/promotion or launch of a new product(s). If for any reason you do not wish to receive Southern-Charmz Interiors promotional email(s), just reply with ‘please remove’ in the subject heading and we will gladly remove your email address from our customer database.

11. How do I know if my design selections are available for purchase?

All Southern-Charmz Interiors designs are available for purchase. However, due to the seasonality of some designs, some orders may need to be back-filled and placed on back order status. If this is the case, we will attempt to notify you of the back-ordered status of your selection. Southern-Charmz Interiors will fulfill all back-ordered items as soon as possible, unless otherwise indicated by customer.

12. Does Southern-Charmz Interiors ship internationally?

At this time, we are unable to ship internationally.

13. How long do your Southern-Charmz Interiors floral designs last?

Depending on the choice of flowers used in your design, most designs will last retaining optimum color from (2-5) two to five years, provided that they are kept and maintained properly. To lengthen the life of your new custom Southern-Charmz Interiors design, we recommend that you keep all designs out of direct sunlight and away from humid conditions. It is also recommended to keep dust from accumulating onto your floral design. A feather duster and/or can of condensed air commonly used for cleaning electronics works best.


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Southern-Charmz Interiors appreciates hearing from our valued customers. If emailing us about your order, please place your order number in the subject heading so that we may expedite your request.