Large Topiary Designs

If petite table top topiaries are the darlings of interior decorating and table top topiaries are the paragon of designer interiors; then the large floor topiary is the quintessence of all decorative topiaries. The ancient Greeks art of topiary still flourishes in our modern day home décor topiary. The Greeks enjoyment of ornamental gardening has come full circle with the floor topiary and the flower topiary centerpiece at Southern Charmz. Decorating your home with our designer topiaries will impart the classical beauty and historical relevance of old world decorating and gardening techniques into your modern day interior.

Ivory Poinsettia Topiary

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Exquisite Ivory Poinsettia Topiary

$161.99 ea+ s/h


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$273.99 + s/h 

Large Opulent Ivy & Fruit Sphere Topiary

$170.99 ea+ s/h



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$290.99 + s/h

Grapevine Sphere Topiary

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Contemporary Grapevine Sphere Topiary

$114 ea+ s/h




Traditional Double Cone Moss and Leaf Topiary

$84.99 + s/h



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$144.99 + s/h 

Double Cone Moss and Leaf Topiary

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Double Cone Moss Topiary

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Large Traditional Double Cone Moss Topiary

$88.99+ s/h

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Imagine walking through ancient palaces and surveying symmetrical rows of flower topiaries 4 feet tall or decorative topiaries gracing places of prominence throughout ancient fortifications. The eternal grace of ancient topiary centerpieces continues its design appeal in the modern-day floor topiary. A decorative topiary is the pillar of your design caprice, in any interior. All of our decorative topiaries whether they be: petite topiaries, table top topiaries or any large floor topiary are advantageous interior design elements due to the portability of topiary arrangements. Whatever your selection of our home décor topiary, they are the chameleons of decorative interior design because they can adapt to any season or design inclination. Topiary centerpieces or any singular decorative floor topiary carries the proficiency to express any design impression. The charm and elegance of decorative topiaries are augmented with floral choices and design innovations. Our traditional double-cone dried moss topiaries are the epitome of classical Greek and Roman topiary arrangements. One of our double cone craft moss topiaries is accented with a braided gold ribbon and sits in an regal Corinthian-style ceramic base and the other double cone moss topiary is accented with delicate, miniature silk topiary leaf accents sits in a stylish, verdigris base. We also proudly showcase two silk topiaries in the unmistakable 16th - 17th century English gardening style: our English ivy topiary with decorative fruit and an alabaster silk topiary of poinsettia. Each would make glorious topiary centerpieces or emerge as a stately pair of silk topiaries when flanking any place of prominence. Our spherical English ivy topiary is accented with assorted fruits and decorative berries, then entwined with a tapered gold ribbon. The alabaster poinsettia flower topiary is our other exquisite, rounded, beaded fruit topiary that gives an ethereal air with accents of English ivy and ice berries while being anchored with hanging green amaranthus. Both of these designer topiaries are resounding statements of the old-world gardening perfection. Our final floor topiary selection is a round grapevine flower topiary. This silk topiary boasts floral accents with striking contemporary grasses embedded into a ceramic base with gorgeous patina. Our Grapevine flower topiary adds glamour either as a floor topiary centerpiece or team of decorated topiaries. We are eager to help you transform any room with old-world charm and delight in your purchase of one or all of our decorative topiaries!